Driving test

Driving test

What is Driving test like ?

The drive test is perhaps the most daunting task in the journey of a learner driver. Every mistake is amplified, so there’s considerable pressure placed on the student. It’s not simply hopping into a car, driving around for a while, and then getting a certificate. There’s a structure to each drive test, within which your assessor will grade each aspect of your driving skill.
The assessor will ask you to perform some driving tasks. The instructions that they give you are clear and you can ask for them to be repeated. They generally take the form of ‘left at the next intersection, turn right at the lights’ and so on. This part of the drive test requires a constant awareness of the road rules and your surroundings, even though there may not be much traffic about. It’s important not to be complacent!
You continue into a more challenging section of the test. This typically takes place on more busy roads, with more traffic and thus more risk. Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t forget to check your blind spots.
Hopefully, after this section of the test, you return to the office and are certified as having passed. It requires a lot of skill to pass the Service NSW driving test, as the assessors are very hard on error. The best way to prepare is to take some lessons with Best And Less Driving School. They know exactly what the assessors look out for and will help you improve your driving in these areas.

I passed my driving test in the very first attempt, and it's all thanks to my driving instructor. He was able to remove the fear for driving that I had for so many years, and built in that confidence that I needed. The more I drove with him, the more I started to love driving. now miss those early morning driving lessons I used to have. Thank you all your patience and hard work you put on me. Cheers, Lisa Read More....
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