Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Best and Less driving school offers driving lessons that encompass all of the technical requirements which New South Wales Transport assess to pass a practical driving test.Best Driving School Blacktown, Driving School Penrith, Driving School Richmond, Driving School Wetherill Park, Driving School Parramatta,Driving School Westmead.
Technical requirements include being proficient at:

  • How to adjust driver seat postureand steering column to ensure you have good control of vehicle.
  • How to operate accelerator smoothly.
  • How to brake smoothly.

  • The best time to join a professional driver trainer is at the beginning,this will get you start in the right direction.Best and Less driving school allows a beginner to get competence in car control and procedures without hassle and danger of dealing with traffic.

  • We will make you confident that how to maintain a safe ,legal postion on the road.This includes during manoeuvers such as a Three point turn,Reverse Parking.

  • How to drive at a safe and legal speed,managing your speed to suit traffic,weather and road conditions.

  • How to safely merge with traffic ,change lanes,cross or turning at an intersection.

  • How to do a hill start without rolling into the car behind you or stalling.

    • How to get into reverse parallel park on the first try,almost everytime.

  • How to do three point turn to get full mark on test ,You have to use your mirrors and check your blindspots in a certain way.

  • How to safely change lane,when you are crossing two or three lanes of traffic.

  • Driving safely in heavy traffic requires set of complex skills.These are the skills you will need if you want to be safe in traffic,lane ,changing,traffic lights,turn at lights,multi laned roundabout overtaking.

  • In preparing for the driving test we will assure your driving skill level and create a plan to get you to test standard.We prepare our students to the highest standard.
  • Training to meet these New South Wales Transport technical requirements is delivered in a structured approach to maintain the highest possible standards and at the same time getting a learner driver to licence standard in the shortest possible time.

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I passed my driving test in the very first attempt, and it's all thanks to my driving instructor. He was able to remove the fear for driving that I had for so many years, and built in that confidence that I needed. The more I drove with him, the more I started to love driving. now miss those early morning driving lessons I used to have. Thank you all your patience and hard work you put on me. Cheers, Lisa Read More....
Why us

- RTA Approved Instructor

- Professional Friendly

- Safe Driving Techniques

- Experienced Instructor

- Learn fast to drive safely

- High Success Rate

- 7 Days a week

- Overseas license conversions

- Refresher courses

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